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Sell more, in multiple channels with PandaCommerce.

E-commerce platform with popular sales channels in one container! Easily manage how, where and which products are visible in different channels

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Manage products, orders and customers in one place.


With PandaCommerce Product information Management (PIM), you can manage all your products in one place. One product can have different texts in different channels.


Manage orders from various sales channels and make payments, print delivery notes, create transport etc. Quick and easy.


Keep track of your customers during and after ordering. Regardless of whether the purchase took place in the online store or sales channel.


Our servers are located in Sweden and are secured with HTTPS and have full GDPR support. Your data is stored securely and we never sell customer data to third parties.


Themes and design

With completely open source code, you can create your very own design or theme. We support Liquid, HTML, (S) CSS and Javascript.

You can also create a theme that can be sold in our theme store.

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With the help of our REST API, anyone with programming experience can create apps to expand the functionality of the platform. For example, you could link your e-commerce inventory management to your physical store. The possibilities are endless.

API Docs


If you are a developer, you may want to receive updates from the store instead of using the API to check for updates. Webhooks sends data in JSON format to the specified URL.

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